Award Winning Véritable® Indoor Smart Gardens.

Grow your own fresh and organic produce from anywhere in your home with ease. Whether you have a green thumb or not, our smart gardens make gardening from your kitchen simple and easy.

With a wide array of ‘guaranteed to grow’ Lingot® refills, you will have your favourite herbs and micro veg growing in no time!


CLASSIC EDITION – This is our entry level smart garden that features all you need to grow fresh and organic herbs and veg from your home.

SMART EDITION – The Smart edition features Adaptlight® Technology, which pics up the ambient light and adjusts so that your herbs are receiving the perfect amount of light – Great when you will be placing your garden in high-light areas.

CONNECT EDITION – The Connect features Adaptlight® Technology as well as connectivity via Bluetooth to our Véritable App where you can change settings, monitor herb growth, buy lingots and more…

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